Deploy PT and Curve Pool

Spectra's design philosophy revolves around composability and a permissionless approach. Users have the flexibility to deploy PT/YT and an associated Curve Pool for any token compliant with the ERC-4626 standard, allowing them to harness the full range of Spectra's features.

Step by Step

1. Deploy Principal Token

Use deployPT() to deploy a PT for the IBT and maturity duration of your choice.

2. Deploy Curve Pool

Use deployCurvePool() to deploy a Curve Pool for a given PT and its associated IBT. You have to specify the different Curve Pool Parameters.

See the Curve Pool Parameters guide for more information on the different parameters to choose when deploying a Curve Pool for a Principal Token.

Alternative : Deploy all at once

Use deployAll() to deploy associated PT, Curve Pool in a single transaction, for a given PT and maturity duration.

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